In the last couple weeks of my pregnancy, I began to have this odd fear that I’d go from laying on my left side to switching to my right to get out of the bed, and the baby was going to literally just compress my bladder.. thus making me wet the bed.  On the morning […]

I woke up at 4 AM suspicious I was in labor, but I had had other mornings like that before. I had never been that pregnant (as Noah was born at 7 ½ lbs 2 ½ weeks early, and Lucy was over 9 lbs), so I had several days when I woke up in quite […]

It’s been a crazy year. We haven’t not left Texas (or the country) for a whole month since last April. Chicago, Africa, Asia, multiple cross-country journeys, Mexico x2.. it’s been incredible, but we’re ready to be home. And stay home. And put our luggage in storage.. at least for now. A few years ago, after […]

(taken from my week on the film set of “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone“– coming to theaters next year!) You need to work hard. Like, really hard. I’m a workhorse. And a workaholic. And sufficiently crazy. I’m not proud of it all, but it’s the truth. That being said, I’m not easily impressed by other’s […]

Ten years. It feels like I’ve lived about a hundred lifetimes between June 2005 and now; but at the same time, I can’t believe it’s been a decade since the Commencement Ceremony. Commencement. The beginning. How much more we understand that choice of term now.  It felt like such an ending—of childhood, of days alongside […]

Can you imagine that Saturday for the disciples? Friday had come and gone, and their teacher, their friend, their Savior had been killed– hung disgracefully from a tree– beaten, mocked and scorned. The man they had left their lives and their families for had died a criminal’s death. In all their grief and mourning over […]

When you lose someone you love, I think one of the hardest parts is when you know the people around you– even those who care deeply for you, who have been praying for you and are there for you– don’t even realize how great a loss you are experiencing because they didn’t know your loved one. You want to […]